Why Print Your Photos?


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The Timeless Importance of Printing Your Photos in an Heirloom Album

In a digital age where images are don’t make it past our endless camera roll and forgotten social media posts, there is something truly so special about holding a printed photograph. While not every image can grace the walls of your home through framing, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be printed.

Why Print Your Photos?

I am truly so passionate about my families having a tangible way to enjoy their photos. The reason this is so important to me as a mama myself is because we live in a time where our kids are the most photographed generation, but we will have nothing to pass down to them. And when I think about that, it makes me really sad for our littles because one of my most favorite things growing up was flipping through family albums. I still love to do it to this day — I mean who doesn’t love photos of themselves as a little kid?!

When you print your photos through a keepsake heirloom album, you’re making a conscious effort to preserve the beauty and emotion of those moments, turning them into lasting memories that can be revisited time and again.

The Unique Value of Heirloom Albums

Heirloom albums are more than just photo books — they are carefully crafted pieces of art designed to keep your precious memories alive for generations. These heriloom albums provide a special place to keep sweet moments bound together, allowing you to pass down your family’s story through the years. Each album is a beautiful way to display your session images, always within reach whenever you want to revisit those cherished times.

Benefits of Heirloom Albums

Tangible Connection

Having a physical album creates a deeper, more personal connection to your memories. Unlike digital images that can easily be forgotten, an album is something you can touch and feel, bringing your moments to life in a tangible way.

Emotional Connection

Printing photos through an heirloom albums evoke emotions and memories in a way that digital photos cannot. Flipping through the pages brings back the feelings and experiences of the moments captured, creating a profound emotional connection.


Heirloom albums tell a story through their carefully curated photos and thoughtful layouts. They provide a cohesive narrative that captures the essence of your family’s journey, making them more than just photo albums but storytelling pieces.

Preservation of Memories

Digital files are susceptible to loss, whether through accidental deletion or technological failures. An heirloom album, however, stands the test of time. With their durable, bend-proof pages, these albums are designed to last, ensuring your photos remain safe for years to come.

Family Legacy

Heirloom albums are designed to be passed down through generations. They become a part of your family history, a treasured keepsake that tells your story and keeps your loved ones connected to their roots.


Unlike digital files that can become obsolete with changing technology, heirloom albums are built to last. They are designed to withstand the test of time, ensuring that your memories remain intact and accessible for future generations.

Aesthetic Appeal

With their high-quality materials and craftsmanship, heirloom albums are visually stunning. They add an element of elegance and sophistication to your home, making them a beautiful addition to your decor. I have mine placed throughout my builtins in my living room so they are easy to grab when we want to look through them and serve as decor when not being used. They are also great as coffee table books.

Heirloom Album Customization Options

I offer a range of customization options for heirloom albums, allowing you to create a unique and personal keepsake that perfectly reflects your family’s story. Here are some ways you can make your album uniquely yours:

Cover Materials

Each heirloom album comes standard with a classic linen cover, but families can upgrade to a more luxurious material. You can choose from a beautiful luxe linen, vegan suede, genuine leather, or vegan leather cover option. With multiple colors available within each material type, you can select the one that best fits your aesthetic and personal taste.

Album Sizes

The standard size for heirloom albums is 10×10, but for those looking for something more luxurious, there are options to upgrade the size. Choose from a 9×12 or an 11×14 album upgrade size. Larger albums not only make a bigger impact but also allow for more spacious layouts, giving your photos the presentation they deserve.

Custom Debossing Designs

Standard debossing includes your baby’s name or family name, providing a classic touch to your album. For those looking for something more personalized, custom design options are available. I will work with you to create a custom cover design that includes art elements, stunning font choices, and larger options to make your album truly one-of-a-kind.

Cover Image Option

If you love the idea of featuring your favorite image on the cover of your album instead of traditional debossing, this option is available for heirloom albums. This allows you to highlight a special photo that captures the essence of your session, making it the centerpiece of your album.

The Process of Printing Your Photos in an Heirloom Album

Creating an heirloom album is a thoughtful process that involves careful selection and arrangement of your photos. Here’s a glimpse into what you can expect:

Selection of Photos

We start by choosing the best images from your session. These will be the photos that tell your story most beautifully, capturing the essence of your family and the moments you want to remember.


Next, we’ll choose the customization options that best suit your preferences. Whether it’s selecting the perfect cover material, deciding on the size of the album, or designing a custom cover, each choice will help make your album uniquely yours.


This is the part where you choose your favorite photos and I do the rest! I will create a design that flows naturally, creating a visual narrative that is both engaging and aesthetically pleasing. All the work is done by me so you don’t have to take any more time away from being with your family.


Before the album goes to print, you’ll have the opportunity to review a digital proof. This allows you to see how the photos are laid out and make any necessary adjustments to ensure everything is perfect.

Off To Print

Finally, your album is printed and assembled with care. The flat-laying, bend-proof pages ensure that your photos look stunning and stay protected. The result is a beautiful heirloom album that you can proudly display and share with your family.

Why Print Your Photos?

In a world where digital photos are often lost or forgotten, heirloom albums offer a timeless way to preserve and cherish your family’s most precious moments. They provide a tangible connection to your memories, a lasting legacy for future generations, and a beautiful addition to your home. By choosing to print your photos in an heirloom album, you’re not just creating a keepsake; you’re creating a piece of family history that will be treasured for years to come. So, consider the value of these beautiful albums and start creating your family’s heirloom today. This is why printing your photos in an heirloom album is so important to me as a photographer.

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