Nashville Motherhood Session


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As mamas, we often find ourselves behind the camera, capturing the precious moments of our little ones’ lives. We’re the ones taking the photos, making sure every smile, every giggle, and every milestone is documented. But in doing so, we sometimes miss out on being a part of those memories ourselves. It’s so important for us to step in front of the camera, to be present in the photos with our children (and I’m not talking about those super flattering pictures that dad is oh so great at taking 😉 ).

A motherhood session captures the images that will tell the story of your beautiful journey of motherhood. So, let’s make a promise to ourselves and our littles — to be a part of the memories, to show up in the photos, and to celebrate the amazing mamas that we are!

During this Nashville motherhood session, a mama kisses her 1 year old boy feet as he looks up at the camera laughing

Motherhood is a journey filled with countless precious moments that deserve to be cherished and remembered. From the first smile to the many milestones, each day with your little one is a chapter written in your story. While family photos are essential, there’s something incredibly special about a motherhood session that focuses solely on the bond between a mama and her little.

Motherhood sessions are so special because they really capture the unique connection we share with each of our children. These sessions are more than just photos — they celebrate all that grow through all those little moments of love, nurturing, and care. When we step in front of the camera with our littles, we’re not just capturing a fleeting moment — we’re preserving its tenderness and strength through photographs that deserve to be cherished and remembered.

In motherhood sessions, it’s all about the beautiful connection between mama and child. There’s something so magical in the way our kids look at us, their eyes filled with admiration and trust. These sessions are the perfect chance to capture those candid, genuine moments — the soft touch of a hand, a shared giggle, or the quiet comfort of a cuddle. It’s in these sweet interactions that the true essence of our everyday truths shine through. It’s what make our journey as mamas so special.

What makes motherhood sessions truly unique is how they let us be fully present with our kids, free from distractions. Unlike traditional family photos, these sessions invite us to slow down and savor the moments that matter most. We get to play, laugh, and simply be ourselves with our littles, resulting in images that our mama hearts long for. Each photo tells a story of love, connection, and the beautiful chaos of motherhood. By focusing on these special relationships, motherhood sessions create a timeless keepsake that we and our children will treasure forever.

To give you a better idea of what a motherhood session entails, let’s take a look at a recent session with a mama and her 1-year-old little boy. The session took place in the morning at the sweetest garden studio where we were able to capture cuddles on the bed and explore the gardens together. Throughout our time together, this mama couldn’t help but smile at her little boy’s wonder and curiosity. Throughout the session, the focus remained on the connection between the two of them — they played simple games like peek-a-boo, and cuddled while mama stole little forehead kisses. These interactions were natural and unforced, creating a relaxed and joyful atmosphere.

Below you will see more images from this Nashville motherhood session

Nashville Motherhood Session

Photographer Courtney Houk captures a photo of a mama and 1 year old boy sitting on the bed as she kisses the top of his head
A mama and her one year old son walk through the gravel garden during this Nashville motherhood session
A mama touches her forehead to her one year old baby boy's as she holds him on her hip
A one year old little boy in blue striped overalls sticks out his tongue while sitting on his mama's lap
A mama hold her one year old baby boy over her shoulder while strolling through a garden during a Nashville motherhood session
Nashville motherhood photographer Courtney Houk captures a photo of a mama holding her one year old baby boy to her chest
A mama stands next to her one year old baby boy and he sits in the gravel next to a flower bed and plays with rocks

Nashville Motherhood Session

My promise to you during your Nashville motherhood session, is to never force a connection that isn’t there. If your little one does not like to cuddle, I won’t spend our entire time trying. If your little one loves to run around and explore, we will enter into their world. If you have multiple littles and they each have their unique personalities (I know mine do!) we will capture each and every one of them as they are uniquely them.

By focusing on the intimate moments and genuine interactions that make your relationship special, a motherhood sessions create timeless memories that you mama treasure for years to come. Whether you’re celebrating a milestone or simply want to document the everyday beauty of motherhood, a motherhood session is a gift to yourself and your child. Let’s capture this time together!

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Digital images — Sony A7iii and 35mm 1.4 lens edited with The Archetype Process Profiles

Courtney is a Nashville Newborn Photographer here to provide you with a stress free, luxurious experience a mama could only dream of. An experience where you don’t have to be the person to do it all, and she will help you finally get timeless images and heirloom artwork in your hands and home. She truly takes care of it all for you. If you are interested in booking a session, please reach out sooner than later! 


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