5 Ways to Display Family Photos Throughout Your House


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Displaying family photos throughout your home is a wonderful way to create a warm, inviting space that celebrates the love and memories you’ve built together. Whether you have a growing gallery wall, a single statement piece, or use photos for styling, there are creative ways to incorporate these treasured images into your home. This blog post will share 5 ways to display family photos throughout your house.

The best part? Every session with me includes complimentary design and curation of custom artwork. This saves you the time it would take to do it all yourself (and probably do it again because the first time wasn’t quite what you were hoping for), and with that saved time you can be with your family!

5 Ways to Display Family Photos Throughout Your House

You choose your favorite photos and I do the rest — it’s really that simple. We will turn your most treasured memories into beautiful art pieces by curating a full gallery wall that grows with your family and tells your story through photos. A gallery wall can be a focal point in your home and a visual timeline of your family’s journey.

These frames are hand crafted and designed to stand the test of time using the highest quality materials. Complimentary gallery wall designs is included with your session — I will take over every step of the process to design you a complex stairway design or a simple entry wall grouping that grows with your family over the years to come. The best part is I will work with you to create a design that can expand as your family grows — meaning we will plan out an entire gallery wall that is to be built over time and will add the frames as your family grows.

Statement Piece

Some of our life’s biggest moments truly only need one image to tell a story. It’s a piece that is more than art on your wall, it’s a conversation to be had with all of those who step foot into your home. It’s a beautiful reminder that while the years pass us by, that monumental season we went through will never be forgotten. It’s the piece that says family is home.

Allow your portrait to be the focal point of the room or space. A statement piece can be a large, beautifully framed photo that steals the attention of everyone who steps foot in your home.

As An Anchor

Another way to display family photos throughout your home is to balance a large piece of furniture, a fireplace, or a window with a pair of frames on either side. Doing so helps to create symmetry and balance in a room. The benefits of anchoring with your family’s portraits draws attention to whatever you are trying to feature, and helps tie together different elements of the room’s decor.

Anchoring your photos in a symmetrical placement means placing matching frames on either side of a something large, such as a fireplace or window, to create visual harmony. When choosing to use your family portraits as an anchor, cohesive photos that complement each other work beautifully. That is one of the benefits of hiring the same photographer for all of your family’s milestones — even across multiple sessions, the photos should work together.

Used For Styling

A lot of times clients say that they aren’t in their forever home so they don’t want to commit to a full gallery wall. The good news is, using frames to style your home is a great alternative to a gallery wall.

Using frames as part of your decor is one of my favorite ways to display my family portraits. Leaning frames on shelves or within bookcases really help create visual depth. This is perfect way to add personal touches to your home but still keeping it beautifully styled. While I love a good framed piece of art, nothing will be more valuable and special to me that replacing them with family photos.

Layering and mixing pieces together is key here. I love starting with a larger frame and then layering a smaller frame in the opposite orientation (horizontal or vertical) on top of that larger frame. This really creates beautiful depth and visual interest. But don’t worry if this isn’t something you feel comfortable curating — as a photographer who loves all things home design, I would love nothing more than to help create this vision come to life for your photos!

To Be Seen Often

Another thing to consider when choosing where to display your frames it to think of the spaces you pass frequently, such as the living room, stairway, hallway, dining area, bedroom, or nursery. Placing photos in high-traffic areas ensures that they are seen and enjoyed regularly.

In this blog post I talk about the emotional and psychological benefits of displaying family photos throughout your home. It really is a good read if you have time!

5 Ways to Display Family Photos Throughout Your House

Family photos are more than just pictures — they are treasured memories and moments frozen in time. Whether you choose to create a growing gallery wall, feature a photo in a statement piece, use photos as decor pieces, each option brings a special touch to your home. These photos not only decorate your space but also tell the story of your family’s journey, love, and connection. By thoughtfully displaying your family photos, you create a home that is filled with warmth, joy, and memories, making it a place where everyone feels loved and cherished.

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