6 Reasons To Hire A Full Service Photographer in Nashville

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Choosing to hire a full service photographer in Nashville can truly be an experience you never knew was possible. As a full service photographer, my promise to my families is to handle every detail from start to finish, ensuring that your experience is not only stress-free but also enjoyable and memorable. From our very first conversation, to the planning of our time together, and finally the delivery of beautifully timeless images and artwork, I take care of it all. Allowing me to be the one to take care of it all for you allows you to keep your time to be with your loved ones, because mama to mama I know that in itself is a lot!

In this blog post, I’ll share 6 reasons to hire a full service photographer in Nashville.

A Truly Personalized Experience

When you hire me as your full service photographer you are investing in a personalized experience from start to finish. There is no session that is the same as each family I work with has a different story to tell. From the very first personal email you receive from me to the final images and product I deliver for you, it’s all personal to you and your family. I truly don’t feel like I have succeeded if I don’t provide you and your family with a comfortable and enjoyable experience! Your family’s story matters to me and you can trust that your memories will be captured beautifully and preserved for years to come.

Planning Your Dream Session Together

Because every session is personalized to each of the families I work with, there is a lot of planning that goes into it. Before our time together we will hop on a video call where we really get to know each other so that I can learn about your vision for your session!

We will plan the location of your session, I will provide you with tips on how to prepare for our session, we will pick out outfits for mamas and littles from my client wardrobe, and then we will style the rest of your family. We will also talk about how you are wanting to display your photos through artwork so that we can start plan our session around those goals. You will never be left wondering what’s next!

Wardrobe, Styling, Hair & Makeup

When you hire me you have full access to my client wardrobe that has beautiful, timeless pieces for mamas and littles. Mamas are already so busy — I absolutely love being able to take one thing of off your to-do list. There’s no dealing with shopping, returns, or spending money on something you will never wear again — who doesn’t love the sound of that?! From there I will help style the rest of your family to create a cohesive and timeless look.

Along with wardrobe and styling, each session includes complimentary professional hair and makeup because every mama deserves to be pampered now and then. My hair and makeup artist will provide this service to you in the comfort of your own home so you don’t even have to get out of your pajamas!

Consistency All Around

Before you hire me as you full service photographer, I would love for you to spend time on my website to be sure my work aligns with your vision. When you hire me, I promise you can expect to receive images consistent with the images I share on my website and social medias and that I will preserve your cherished memories beautifully!

Not only is there consistency in my images, but there is consistency in the every little detail of my experience provided. I plan with the end product in mind meaning your outfits, location, and images captured all go together cohesively.

Complimentary Artwork Creation

Have you ever heard that our generation will be the most photographed generation, but we will have nothing to pass down to our children? Let that sink in for a minute. My job doesn’t stop with you only getting a digital gallery to save on your phone. Those images are meant to be printed and passed down for generations. My families only job is to choose their favorite images and I do the rest — it’s really that simple. Together we will turn your images into beautiful heirloom albums, or placed in frames that adorn the walls of your home. When you hire me, you don’t have to leave empty handed and go try to DIY it yourself.

Whether it’s custom albums, framed prints, or gallery walls, I handle all the details, making the process seamless and stress-free. This personalized approach ensures that your memories are preserved and celebrated, creating lasting heirlooms that your family can enjoy for generations. We will turn your most treasured memories into beautiful art pieces by curating a full gallery wall that grows with your family and tells your story through photos. Or we will create a heirloom album as a beautiful way to display your session images to have at your reach whenever you want them. The artwork options are truly endless.

I’m Also Investing In My Photography

While you are investing in me as a full service photographer, I’m continually investing in education and resources to become a better photographer for you! Whether it is upgrading my camera gear, investing in education to learn how to better serve my families, buying updated wardrobe pieces for my client closet, keeping up with the latest software (because it seems to always be changing?!), and everything in between, I will never stop learning for you all! My priority is always going to be to serve my families, and bettering myself as a business owner and artist truly is how to get there.

6 Reasons To Hire A Full Service Photographer in Nashville

a dad and mama with their two daughters in a wintery grassy field

6 Reasons To Hire A Full Service Photographer in Nashville

Hiring me as your full service photographer in Nashville means entrusting your family’s cherished moments to someone who is dedicated to capturing them with care and creativity. My goal is to provide an experience that is both seamless and deeply personal, allowing you to focus on what truly matters — spending quality time with your loved ones. From wardrobe styling and professional hair and makeup to artwork creation, every detail is thoughtfully handled to ensure you receive not only beautiful images but also an enjoyable and memorable experience. By choosing a full service approach, you’re not just hiring a photographer; you’re investing in a stress-free process that celebrates and preserves your family’s unique story for generations to come.

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Courtney is a Nashville Family Photographer here to provide you with an effortless experience a mama could only dream of. An experience where you don’t have to be the person to do it all, and she will help you finally get timeless images and heirloom artwork in your hands and home. She truly takes care of it all for you. If you are interested in booking a session, please reach out sooner than later! 


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