In-Home Nashville Newborn Photos


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These in-home Nashville newborn photos capture the fleeting moments that make up those early newborn days — the days that are filled with full hearts, sleepless nights, and a family that had the sweetest big sister who never missed a beat. The months and days leading up to bringing a new baby home life feel like they are going at a million miles, but as soon as baby is home, all slows down again. There is nothing is more precious than the arrival of a newborn, whether it is your first little one or fifth.

These in-home Nashville newborn photos by Courtney Houk Photography feature a mom, newborn baby, dad, and toddler on their front porch full of flowers

As a Nashville newborn photographer, it’s a privilege to capture the fleeting moments that make up your family’s story. During this session, I had the joy of photographing this new family of four — a loving mama and dad, the sweetest 2-year-old big sister, and their newest baby sister. Their session started on the most lovely flower-filled front porch, then we made our way inside to a beautifully decorated nursery, and finally mom and I stepped out to the backyard with baby girl to get a few photos in their backyard garden. There is nothing I love more than a newborn session in the space that you call home.

Mama, who was dressed in a soft, flowing dress provided by my client wardrobe, cradled her newborn daughter in her arms while dad was on 2-year-old duty — we all know that means he was chasing her around to get her in the photos! She was full of energy and curiosity, and ran around exploring all there was to see outside and inside their home — it was everything I love about family and little ones. If you are considering in-home Nashville newborn photos, I encourage you to embrace the beauty of your surroundings and the love that fills your home.


Mom and dad hold newborn baby girl while toddler sister plays on her rocking horse during these in-home Nashville newborn photos
Mom in a flowing dress on her front porch holding her newborn baby girl surrounded by flowers

In-Home Nashville Newborn Photos

These in-home Nashville newborn photos were not just about capturing beautiful photographs — they were about capturing this family’s connection while bringing home their new baby girl. From the welcoming front porch, to the cozy nursery, and the beautiful backyard garden, this session was one that was filled with so much love.

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Film images — Pentax 645 using Portra 400 rated at 200 scanned by Rewind Film Lab.

Digital images — Sony A7iii and 35mm 1.4 lens edited with The Archetype Process Profiles

Courtney is a Nashville Newborn Photographer here to provide you with a stress free, luxurious experience a mama could only dream of. An experience where you don’t have to be the person to do it all, and she will help you finally get timeless images and heirloom artwork in your hands and home. She truly takes care of it all for you. If you are interested in booking a session, please reach out sooner than later! 


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