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When planning a family photo session, much of the focus often goes to what mamas and children should wear. But what should dads wear for photos? This blog post will be all about what to wear for photos: dad edition. Their wardrobe choices are equally important in creating those perfect, timeless images.

Here’s my take on what dads should wear for photos to ensure everything ties together seamlessly for the best family photos! We’ll cover colors options, types of tops to wear, my favorite bottoms, and we can’t forget about the shoes. I will also include things to avoid to give you a full picture of how to style the dad in your life for your next family session. Keep reading to see what dads should wear for photos!

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Links for above items: one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten | eleven | twelve | thirteen

What To Wear For Photos: Dad Edition


Neutral colors like white, cream, tan, blue, and sage green are perfect choices. This color palette creates a soft and elegant style, giving your images a timeless feel. Picking neutral colors keeps your family as the main focus of the images, not the outfits.

Opting for neutrals, muted earth tones, and lighter tones over most darker ones is especially important when we have an indoor session as our light is more limited.


Style — Both a button-down shirt or a henley look great in photos, and dads typically already have either or both in their closets. A button-down shirt can be dressed up or down depending on how you style it, and it offers a classic, clean look. A henley, on the other hand, provides a more relaxed and laid-back vibe.

Fabrics — Linen is a great fabric choice because it’s breathable and versatile. For a more casual look, rolling up the sleeves can add a relaxed touch. Tech and performance fabrics are also popular choice by dads because they don’t wrinkle or show sweat, which is great for both dad during the session and me when it comes to editing!

Pattern — Small and delicate patterns like gingham or thin stripes can add a bit of interest to your outfit without being overwhelming.


Type — Pants give a more classic look for your session, so I always recommend them. While shorts might seem like a comfortable option, they often don’t photograph as well. For a casual summer look, cuffing the bottoms of your pants can add a relaxed, yet stylish touch.

Material — Khakis, chinos, or performance fabric pants are great options because they offer comfort and flexibility, allowing dads to move freely and comfortably during the session. They come in a variety of neutral tones that complement mama’s and little’s outfits.

These materials photograph so much better than jeans do. Jeans tend to be much darker than anything else the family is wearing, so they stick out in a not-so-great way. They also tend to be more stiff than khakis, making them more uncomfortable to chase those littles around.


I am all for everyone being barefoot — it makes one less thing to think about, right?! Going barefoot can create a relaxed and intimate feel in the photos, making the images more personal and warm. However, that’s not always an option when we’re shooting outside. For outdoor sessions where barefoot isn;t an option, closed-toe shoes are the best choice.

Slip-ons, casual/canvas sneakers, or casual oxfords are all great options as they offer a clean and polished, but comfortable look. Choose shoes that are neutral in color and style, ensuring they blend seamlessly with the overall look and feel of the session.

Avoid overly formal shoes like dress shoes or anything too sporty like athletic sneakers, as these can look out of place in family photos.

Things To Avoid

Saturated Colors — Avoid saturated colors such as reds and oranges as they are very reflective and create color casts on everything around you, including the skin of your family members.

Logos or Loud Patterns — Avoid shirts with logos on them or loud patterns like flannel, large objects, or thick stripes. All of these can be distracting and take away from the timeless and cohesive look we’re aiming for.

All the Same Color — Avoid everyone in the same color. We want your family to coordinate, but not match. Aim for complementary colors and styles that create a harmonious and cohesive look without being too uniform.

What To Wear For Photos Dad

What To Wear For Photos Dad

And there you have it, everything you need to know about what to wear for photos: dad edition.

And guess what?! Every session with me includes full family styling. Mamas and littles can choose from my client wardrobe, and then I’ll help style dad based on those choices. This ensures an overall cohesive and timeless look!

By following these tips, we can create beautiful, timeless images that keeps your family the focus of the session. We want your eyes to be drawn to your connection, not be distracted by your clothes. Let’s plan your family photo session and capture the love and connection within your family with the right wardrobe choices!

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